Advertising & Seo

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through optimization (both on-page and off-page) as well as through advertising. Geniezweb design customized SEO services for all clients. We believe that our success directly depends on the success of our clients. We understand your needs by analyzing your current website requirements and identifying important keywords for you and how you rank on them. Many websites are being launched every day, but most of them fail to survive because of its poor online visibility. We comprise a team of dedicated professionals with more than decades of SEO experience. Our teams of SEO experts are passionate about making your business grow by giving you top visibility on the search engine results pages.

Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the website owner when the ad is clicked. Pay per click ads are the paid results that appear in the right panel and sometimes also on the top of search result pages under the title 'sponsored links' in both cases. Businesses pick the most searched industry keywords and use them in their PPC ads. The more one bids for a 'per-click' price of a business keyword, the better they will rank in the paid results for that keyword. Our pay per click (PPC) services includes:

  • Professional account set up with all the major ppc search engines
  • Free website analytics set up with e-commerce tracking
  • Daily monitoring and optimisation of keywords and ad copy
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Brand management through content networks
  • Landing-page optimisation through A/B split & multivariable testing
  • Trademark protection
  • Local business adverts
  • Concise monthly, weekly or daily reports

Affiliate Marketing

The growth of the affiliate marketing industry in the last few years has been phenomenal.Any website owner who wishes to earn extra income from website traffic can sign up to an affiliate program or choose from a variety of affiliate programs available at one of the many affiliate networks. Affiliate marketing improve the reach and exposure of your brand. It provide a low cost, accountable way of generating sales or leads. It reduce marketing costs and potential risks associated with generating sales. Affiliate marketing increase relevant traffic that is quality controlled. It provide a platform to launch new products, offers and promotions to a mass market.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspect of digital marketing.SEO is the process of improving the ranking of the website in the search engines via search results. A professionally search optimized website is not only ranked in the top listings in the initial pages of the search engine but can also boost your business by drawing more visitors.SEO is an organic approach and opens up the prospects of greater visibility and increased web traffic. It turns your website into an online shop with increased opportunities to convert visitors into leads. Geniezweb provide you with tips on optimizing your site to improve your chances of ranking well with search engines, and we include links and instructions for submitting your site to other important search engines that require Web sites to be submitted manually. We are proving this by placing your website on top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc. Our SEO services consistently result in increased visibility, traffic, conversion rates.Search engine optimization has two main parts

On-Page Optimization

On page optimization is focused on Meta tags, Keyword selection, URL rewriting, sitemaps creation and Content Optimization means on site optimization.

Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization is mainly concern with external methods used to improve search engine rankings. For Off Page Optimization there are many link building strategies we perform few of them are Directory Submission, Blog Posting, Commenting, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, Article and Press release Submissions.